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Wes Krave is a hip-hop artist from Fort Walton Beach, Florida who is on the path to becoming a rapidly-emerging star. His single “Dream Of Getting On” has received significant airplay on commercial, college, and internet radio in Atlanta, Houston, Tampa, and Miami, as well as several countries overseas. It also hit the Top 150 Independent DRT Charts at #12, #28 on the Hip Hop DRT Charts, and #44 on the National Digital Tracking Chart. These achievements put him in the same league as major rap artists like Kodak Black and Kendrick Lamar. 

Krave is an artist with deep roots in the style and carries the influence of icons like Nas, Slick Rick, LL Cool J, and 2 Chainz. He uses those roots to create memorable, motivational music with relatable bars and a sound that combines East Coast rap with Southern flavor. What he’s doing clearly connects with a lot of listeners who vibe with hearing his take on the hustler’s mindset and maintaining an elevated mind. His music video for the trap anthem “How I Roll,” shot by Omar The Director, racked up over a million plays on its first day on WorldStarHipHop, driven by Krave’s high-level lyrical flow. He is often compared with legends like Drake, 50 Cent, and 2 Short but has his own immediately-identifiable musical presence. 

Krave’s latest effort, the full-length By The Code, drops January 30th, 2019 and will be the release that brings him to a large, global audience, according to industry insiders. His obvious love for the creative process and making music for hip-hop fans just like himself is all over the new record and it’s expected to do big things for his career. Hip-hop aficionados looking for new sounds and wondering who’s up next in the game need to get with Wes Krave today. He’s the one. 

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Wes Krave - Shake & Bake - Official Video

Shake & Bake  is  the New Single from Wes Krave's up and coming album, By The Code.


Look for it on iTunes, Google Play , Spotify, Tidal , Etc. 


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1. Since last time we've seen you on our platform, what were the highlight moments you encountered in your Journey as an artist?

The Release of my Album.


2. Did you get hit by the hurricanes they had lately in Florida? If yes how does that affect your music career?

no, fortunately, we were not hit, but a lot of my family and friends were majorly affected. We were fortunate enough to be able to assist with those affected. We purchased portable showers and toiletries and set up showers in a Walmart parking lot. You never realize how soemthing as simple as a shower means to someone who has lost everything. There were people who had not had a shower or running water for over week. It was truly a blessing to be out there to do what we could to help.


3. What is your Mission as an Artist?

Make good music and stand on the principles of music creation that the nineties were based on and not completely conform to the new wave of music.


4. If I ask you Describe yourself in One word. What would this word be?



5. What do you think of the importance of streaming as taken in the past few years? Do you think this will benefit artists in the long run?

I believe it has changed the game both positively and negatively.


6. As a professional Artist. What would be your advice for new artists just starting off in the Rap game?

Make sure you are growing personally and professionally outside of music as you are also growing your music. 

7.  What should we expect from Wes Krave in the upcoming years?

New Music, and just growing as a person professionally and personally.

8. what can we expect from your latest release called "By the Code"? What Inspired you to make this project? And what is the main theme behind it?

great music, reality rap, subject matter, clean beats, and that nineties feel with a southern twist. I'm inspired every day by different events in my life. I haven’t released a project since 2012 and this project is definitely an accumulation of events in my life. "By The Code" is the standard of living that I honor and you can hear in the lyrics the code that I truly live by.


9.  Not so long ago we just had the Grammy's and Drake made a controversial statement that went viral on Youtube. He was basically saying that winning a Grammy isn't all that after all. That if you are poppin' in your town or state you're already winning. What are your thoughts on that?

Drake was exactly right. The fans are the true validation.


10.  If you were not a rapper what would you be doing instead?

I would be doing exactly what  I am doing now. Growing, Learning and expanding my portfolio and making things happen.

10. Finally, as an artist. Where would you say you gained the most fans? Would it be mostly through: 

a) Shows 

b) Social Media  

c) The Radio 

d) Streaming platforms Playlists 

e) Blogs 

All Of the Above, I believe everything listed above plays an intricate part in growing as an Artist.

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Wes Krave - By The Code - Official Promo Video
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