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What distinguishes the Emcee from the rapper? It’s very simple really. The Emcee lives and breathes Hip-Hop culture. The Rapper lives for himself. The Emcee Seeks to elevate his skill through disciplined training. The rapper believes he has no more to learn. Doughpresh Da Don is an Emcee. Dough wrote his first rhyme at the age of 5. His big brother Supreme R.A. helped to light the fire that would consume his every waking thought: “Become the best”. Never one to back down from a battle, Doughphresh Da Don continues to sharpen his lyrical sword on any unsuspecting rapper who‘s willing to take the abuse. Doughphresh Da Don means no dis-respect to those who represent Hip-Hop culture and it’s values to the fullest. But for those who use Hip-Hop as a means to get rich quick, and leave nothing of substance behind, Doughphresh Da Don says: “All disrespect intended”

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Intelligent Ignorance is now available on iTunes, Google Play and more!




Doughphresh is definitely killing it right now! Project after project, he's been bringing that rawness that the game had been missing for far too long. Real music. Music with substance. I highly recommend giving dude your undivided attention. You'll thank me later.

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[1] What advice would you offer to up and coming artists and/or producers? 

I'd say first & foremost do it for the love of the music & the culture before anything. Of course we want to profit from our art because real artist put our heart & soul in it but at the same time if you're doing it strictly for a get rich quick scheme or popularity overnight, you may be disappointed. This takes a lot of hard work & dedication to even gain a little bit of recognition. You gotta be in it for the long run.

[2] In your opinion, does age matter when it comes to Hip-Hop? 

I think it shouldn't but unfortunately it does. We've been programmed to think that once you hit a certain age group it's corny to still be rapping but I personally think that way of thinking is corny. I feel like this if it's dope it's dope if it's not it's not I could careless if you're 10 or 60 lol. To quote the great Rakim "Your age don't count in the booth when your flow stays submerged in the fountain of youth".

[3] What age do you see yourself rapping til? 

I'm a be rapping until it's not fun anymore no particular age tho.

[4] Do you write your music with, or without a beat? 

I started very young writing without a beat for the simple fact that I didn't have none at the time. Then when I got beats & put verses to those beats I realized my flow wasn't all the way on point I was making it fit instead of it being tailor made. Nowadays I definitely write to the beat because I want it to flow perfect. I may think of a line or 2 when I'm out in about & jot it down then eventually use it in a verse but I rarely write a whole song without a beat these days.

[5] When you listen to music do you focus more on the beat, or the lyrics? 

Definitely the lyrics I can tolerate great lyrics over a weak beat but not really the other way around. Preferably I'd like both the beat & Lyrics to be equally as dope but that's hard to find. So if I had to pick it would definitely be the lyrics over the beat no question.

[6] On average, how long does it take you to write and record your music? 

There's no set time it's just really until it's perfected. I've written songs in a few hours and also have taken weeks to write a song sometimes even months. All about getting it right.

[7] Who do you make music for, yourself or your fans? 

Both but mainly myself because once it's out there it's out there forever so I try to make something that I can be proud of years from now. If I focus on making trendy music & riding the current wave I may look back it & think some of my music is trash & feel like I wasn't being true to myself. But with that being said I most definitely want the people to feel my music as well.


[8] Musically, who has been your biggest influence? 

8. Who Has Been Your Biggest Influence Musically?

Answer - I'd say 2pac if I had to narrow it down to just one artist. I feel like he is the G.O.A.T. What he was able to do in such a short period of time was amazing & the different feeling & raw emotion he was able to capture in his music is unmatched. So in my music I try to spit realness & connect with people the same way.

[9] In 2017, do you still think it is relevant to make ful length albums? 

Yes I do I think albums will always be an important key to longevity in the game. The better your body of work is the longer you can tour and loyal your fan base will be without you having big radio hits.

[10] How can artists, labels, a&rs, promoters, etc contact you? or contact me @Doughphreshdadon on twitter, Instagram, or facebook.


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