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A well seasoned stage artist, Wes Krave has performed alongside many Hip Hop heavy weights including Pleasure P, Cash Out, Trick Daddy, 2 Chainz  and the late Shawty Lo. 

      Charles Wesley Lewis Jr., otherwise known by the stage moniker of Wes Krave, has released his latest studio endeavor. Entitled ‘Dream of Getting On,’ the rising independent hip hop artist’s newest single is a compelling look into his next album, ‘By The Code,’ due out this fall.

     "Dream Of Getting On"  is an elegant entry in Krave’s ever-growing catalog that will be perfect for summer playlists. Suave production by KY, slick beats by Fourtune Ave , and powerhouse delivery on behalf of Krave makes ‘Dream of Getting On’ one of the most eclectic, must-listen outings in the indie hip hop scene this year.

   “Dream of Getting On” broke onto the top 150 Independent DRT Charts at #136, Currently peaking at #12 and #87 on the National DRT Charts along side major Hip Hop Artist, such as Kodak Black, Tyga, and Kendrick Lamar! 

The track is receiving play on College Stations, Internet Radio as well as FM Stations in major cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Tampa, and Miami, as well as several countries overseas. The Official Video for " Dream Of Getting On" is out and at 300K views and counting. 

   “Being independent has given me the freedom to be myself and make musicexactly the way I want to make it,” Krave muses. “The songwriting [on ‘By The Code’] is much more detailed." Wes Krave is releasing his music precisely the way he’s always wanted, creating a fully realized album that is the culmination of his past, present and future. Undoubtedly this album will produce the notoriety that the quality of his songs demands.

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Wes Krave - Dream Of Getting On - Official Video

Dream Of Getting On  is the first single from Wes Krave's up and coming album, By The Code.


Look for it on iTunes, Google Play and more!




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1. What made you wanna become a rapper?

Ive always wanted to be a rapper, since i was younger growing up and watching yo mtv raps and music videos it was just something i wanted to do on a main stream level.


2. When you listen to a track, do you focus more on the beat or the lyrics?

Both equally important to me but the flow is also a major component.


3. Do you write your songs with or without the beat?

I write songs to the beat for sure. the beats sets the tone for the lyrics.


4. Do you prefer being in the studio or on stage?

I prefer the stage just because you can see the reactions to something you created in the studio. Then the connection with the fans is a good feeling.


5. How can other artist, labels, a&r’s get a hold of you for booking? weskravebooking@gmail or you can go to the website and go to the Contacts Tab. You can also find recent news and updates on what I have going on.


6. How many hours does it it take you to write a song?

Just depends on what I got going on. Usually a bout an hr for a hook and a verse but its rare that I get to sit straight through because I may have to leave or somebody may stop through, so a lot of verses i come back to,  sometimes on purpose just to let a line marinate. 


7. How many takes does it take you to do a song?

I like to do 4 or 5 takes because I don’t like to punch in. I like to go through my verse straight through if possible. So I have to make sure its tight and how I want it. I can get through in 1 take but I always say it can be better or tighter  or more energy.


8. Does age matter when your a rapper?

Yes age matters to me because you should get held to a different standard meaning if you older you shouldn’t be doing be out doing the same thing 20 something year olds are doing. I believe when you are older your position in life should be different and especially your mindset.


9. Do you think having a website is important for an artist?

Yes I think its standard in business. I have one and I try to drive all my fans to the website. It should be a place where the fans can keep up with everything about you.


10. In this New School music era do you still think it is relevant to make a full length albums?

It may be relevant for some artist. Some artist are just single type rappers and some can hit you with a single but it may make you want to hear more about them, Usually an album gives you a wide range of feelings and topics so you are able to get more of an insight on that artist.



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