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Common mistakes indie artists make on social media! (Twitter)

As a radio host and part-time music promoter, I use a lot of social media outlets to discover and reach out to new talents on a regular basis. However, over the past year or so Twitter has become my main channel. So, in this entry we'll focus on Twitter.

With that said; This past year I've dealt with a lot of indie artists and group through the media giant, noticing many constants. So, here are just a couple common examples of mistakes some independent artists make on Twitter.

1.) Automated Direct Messages (ADMs)

Now I'll be the first to admit, I did and sometimes still use this feature from time to time. Mostly to thank new followers and let them know I'm just a DM away. However, a common mistake many indie artists make is using this feature as a promotion tool. Many of them just post links, telling us to check out their new single without so much as a please or a thank you.

This is something almost everybody on Twitter can relate to. Most users will regard it as spam and won't bother opening the message let alone click the links. Some may also feel obligated to unfollow you. Case in point; spamming your new followers is counterproductive and may lose potential fans in doing so.

2.) Lack of Engagement

Let's keep it 100.. Everybody wants followers and one of most effective ways to gain followers and more importantly fans, is to connect with your audience. This also happens to be another common issue among independent artists today. See, Twitter is all about interaction. Hence the term, "social" media. If you're not interacting with your followers, you're not engaging potential fans and are otherwise wasting the service.

Now, there are many ways to engage your audience. I won't bore you with all the specifics. That's for another blog, another time. However, a quick Google search will provide you with a ton of insight that can make all the difference. As I always say, "A little Google goes a long way".

Case in point; Do your job as an artist. Connect with your audience and turn your followers into fans.

Thanks for reading. If you found this information helpful and you'd like to know more about this topic, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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