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Ever advertised with Facebook Ads?

Today's blog is about facebook ads. A lot of people overlook the power of facebook ads under pretense that...

1.They cost money

2.Promotion via facebook use to be free, why should we start paying?

3.they plain don't even know that its possible to advertise on there

If you are just an artist making music for friends then I would say: "yes, you're right why bother with that?" but if you're an artist looking to expand your visibility to a wider audience then maybe you should atleast just try it out.

I did it for a project I released a month ago and with 3$ we reached out to over 1800 peoples newsfeeds in 3 days...that's 1$/day. Not bad if you ask me. So let's say you have a mixtape coming up and you wanna create a buzz for it 2 weeks before its release, you can go and pay 14$ for 14 days and even target your audience according to age, sex, country, state, city and specific tags. This is great because the more specific you are, the more bang for your $$$ you get. And that dosen't mean that you stop being on your grind, on the contrary its like you got a online street team working with you 24/7 for the determined duration of time you chose it to be in action. Plus by having your project or services displayed as a sponsored advertiment on facebook looks much more professional than if you just went out and spammed peoples timelines and inboxes manually, creating an atmosphere of awkwardness and getting on peoples nerves and in some cases even leading your account to be unfollowed or maybe even blocked and I don't think thats what you guys want.

So this said, my question for you is:

"Have you ever tried out Facebook ads?"

Yes? tell us how it went for you and if it helped

No? Tell us why and if you would in the future

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