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Stop paying & Start saving

Todays blog is gonna be about saving money. Last Year I was on a mission to change my hosting company for our website because i felt we were paying way to much for what we were getting from our services.

So I went and checked many hosting companies and from what i saw out there, seemed to fit most of my needs. Here's why:

1-They offer intigrated autoresponder/Newsletter services called Shoutouts which are extremly user friendly and very important feature if you want to start a online business (Note: You can send 3 ShoutOuts per month with a total of 5,000 emails per month, starting from the day that you first use the ShoutOut app. If you wish to send more, you must upgrade to a ShoutOut Plan.)

2-They offer FREE hosting. Although you wont have a personalized domain, you can still get access, edit, publish and run your website and if your wise enough...can still manage to sell goods and services by putting html embeded Paypal buttons on your site. Eventually if you wish to upgrade and brand your website you can buy premium plans for as low as 4$ USD/month

3-And Finally they have a very user friendly editor with high quality resolution with a wide range of images, videos, stickers and templates to inspire anyone to become a webmaster apprentice.

The only downfall from dealing with them i find is their email services, for they do not offer their own mailboxes. You must go through google and make business account which cost 5$/month on the monthly plan or 4.08$/month on the yearly plan and thats per user. So if you have 5 users on your team that means you would have to pay up to 25$/month for a email. So what I did is I set out to find a Free business email provider, which i found after a evening of research. That email provider is called

With the FREE plan They offer:

1-5gbit mailbox's 2-Up to 10 mailbox users 3-email fowarding and vacation autoresponse system 4-group emails 5-And lots of different options that gives you good overall control for all your business needs

So in conclusion if you combine these 2 services you may run a pretty decent online business for about 4$/months which is not bad at all if you ask me. Leave your comments and feedbacks and let us know if there is any other free stuff out there, we'd love to hear about it.

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