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Welcome to Our New IUMG Blog

Welcome to our new Blog. I wrote this blog as an intro to our new and improved blog that we now have tranferred directly onto our website

We have a few posts already on there that you can check out such as my latest one called Stop fronting! Be yourself! which talks about one of many issues related to being a rapper. We also have social media tips, industry tips, and other types of "How to" posts that we have and will put out there for the benefit and entertainment of the readers.

I am also proud to announce that we will have a new blogger on the team. The homie Shotz is ready to share is knowledge, views and opinions with the world along side Fic and I so this is going to be very Dope. I cant wait to see what he brings to the table because this guy has a lot to say and is very aware of how the game is played. Make sure to check his post Are you an aspiring artist? This one's for you! When you get a chance go read his post and give him some likes and comments to give him some feedback on his work.

In conclusion I hope you enjoy our blog and don't forget to sign up to the blog & website mailing list and check out the website we got a lot of goodies on there. And finally for thoses who wanna be part of the movement you can help us by dropping some funds on our donation page.

Go to the donate page HERE

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