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Submitting Your Music

At Imperial Radio Network, our devoted team works tirelessly around the clock in order to provide a user-friendly experience to the avid listener, music submittees and promoters alike. Recently, per request, we introduced our Weekly Top 10-- A weekly rap and hip-hop chart, where you, the listener may vote your favorite song and artist to the top of our charts. [read more]

Introducing direct uploads.

Submitting your music is now faster and easier than ever with direct uploads! You may now submit your original music directly to our website for weekly radio play, interviews, top 10 contention and much more. Visit our website for more details, click here or copy and paste the following link into your browser;

*You may also submit via email:

Please be sure your submission meets our criteria listed below.

- Max. two songs per artist

- Original music only

- MP3 format only

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