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The here and now.. Are we ever too late?

In Hip hop, the conversation about age always seems to enter our thoughts. I was watching an interview today on the breakfast club . The special guest were Rza of the Wu Tang clan and producer Mathematics. I personally always look for jewels when people I admire such as these brothers are being interviewed. .. during the interview Charlamagne the God asks the question: " did you ever envision yourself getting older in this game and how that would look for rappers?" To that question, the RZA responded by saying he always told himself we will not be rapping at 30 .. but then his fellow artist Ghostface told him he will be rapping till he is 70 years old, cause thats just what he do!" This made RZa rethink his thoughts on getting older in this music business. He then goes on to say that he will continue doing what he does for the culture in order to help the youth. I really connected with the response Mathematics said in regards to the question, saying that he never really envisioned himself getting old and did it because it was fun and for the love. He also mentioned that he will always work on his craft no matter what, whether he is famous , rich, etc, he will continue to do what he does. This to me, is what distinguishes a true artist from one that is just trying to get famous and clock out.

I really enjoyed this interview and was able to soak in those jewels. It helped to motivate me and give me that inspiration or boost I need to continue my journey as an artist. I hope this sparks some motivation for those older artist who feel like their time is up. Tell yourself that its never too late . If it comes from your heart and you have something to express it does not matter what age you are . You are doing us a misdeed if you just quit because of age insecurities . Focus on the here and now like the brother Mathematics does, and you will be aight! I have made available the youtube video so that you can check the Interview for yourself. To view it just CLICK HERE


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