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For all musicians and listeners alike, I have a question for you. What type of music vibe are you drawn too the most...Head or gut? What I mean by that is this,"Head", meaning intellectual lyrics that makes you think and picture images in your mind or When I say GUT I am speaking of feel and vibes bangers as opposed to just intellectual stuff. You can listen to a song with intellectual words in the lyrics and leave without a feeling. As for the opposite is also true, Meaning that you can hear a song that sparks certain feelings within you, but then not remember most of the words said by the artist exept for the hook. I believe its just a matter of preference. The sweet spot is conveying both Head and Gut simultaneously. That's the challenge, that's what I personally aim for as an artist. Everything from the production to the emotions expressed count and its Not an easy task but worth attempting, if you want to grow and cultivate your musical craft. In Hip Hop the words, lyrics and speech are pertinent to the success of a rap artist..Its not just what you say..but how its said that makes all the difference.

Ok so lets assume you chose HEAD music as your preference, what song examples can you come up with that made you smarter or brighter.. Off the top I can say all of Public Enemy's stuff. Another one is KRS-ONE , but he can also fall into the combined Head and Gut category on some songs.. What others can you think of?

Now for my GUT seekers and teachers.. , I think the instrumental you choose is crucial to reach the GUT area (Like that guy in the GIF above, popping open the Instruments such as strings, piano if arranged and produced efficiently can invoke real feelings such as melancholy, happiness, strength, motivation, etc. The emotion expressed behind the lyrics on top of these instruments creates a field of frequencies that can affect our personal vibrations. What examples can you think of for the GUT category,? that One MIC joint from Nas, is one I can muster up quick, or another one that comes to mind is that Beanie Siegel "Feel it in the air" track. So there you have it. Whether you go with Head or go with Gut just know that each one has its qualities and purpose. So here you go, now you know what I mean by my title "HEAD OR GUT". So Now I wanna know what's your type of Track, Just leave me your Awnsers in the comments below and lets see which team wins.

Till next time my peoples. Bless!


Twitter: @oskeptical1

IG: @therealoskep

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