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When Social media can kill your brand

When social media can kill your Brand

As you you have may noticed, a few weeks ago Rnb Superstar/Actor Tyrese Gibson had a breakdown online concerning his daughter's custody. Now... that made me think of a topic that is widely discussed, which is the topic of "how to conduct yourself on your social media platforms online". So Today, I will be putting my two cents on the subject and share my point of view along with some recommendations that may help understand the pros and cons of acting as such on the web.

Now if you don't know what im talking about when I'm talking about Tyrese Gibsons recent outcries, then you are really living under a rock Fam. Anyways, most of you have probably seen the video where Tyrese is ranting and crying about his daughter being taken from him. He begins to tell people hat he is paying $13,000 a month for child support and continues to cry. I personally think Tyrese is a good dude. I really dug the videos he did previously on giving advice to people about relationships, etc. Actually I really connected with his message then and took in some of those jewels he spoke about. The reason I bring up Tyrese as an example for this topic of how to conduct yourself on social media is because of the content and nature of the video he released where he was telling his business about his family and financial situtation. I do not think it was an appropriate action to take in light of the circumstances surrounding him at the time. I know we are living in an age where our lives are practically being documented by all these photos, videos, posts, etc. We choose to do this because it seems to be norm in this day and age but, where do we draw that line? When do we step back and say, ok maybe everyone does not need to know this about me or perhaps its nobody's business to know how much child support Im paying or whatever.

I do not claim to know it all when it comes to social media presence, but I just know that in the case of Tyrese, I now look at him a bit different. Im not sure now that I can trust his advice or his wisdom If he cant even apply his own knowledge to his life. It gave me the impression that he still has work to do within himself. Before this recent video surfaced, I believed him to be in complete control of his emotions and his character seemed to be intact. In essence, I lost some respect for him and felt sad for the guy instead of feeling inspired like when he would do those vlogs that provided value. Do you see now though how you present yourself on social media affects your brand? This example is of someone who is on a celebrity pedestal under the limelight of fame. It might or might not drastically affect his livelihood or his career but imagine for people like us, who are not what you consider famous or celebrity status. How can your conduct on these platforms kill your success?

Its so easy to express your emotions and feelings without thinking twice when you have access to a computer. Someone did you wrong and you want a comeback that can hurt their feelings. So no matter how right it feels at the moment, I suggest you stop there, take a breath and think of what your about to do. Whatever it takes, cool down and take a step back. Countless times I have seen friends on facebook, IG, etc writing emotional rants, throwing subliminal shots. If there is a real problem that exist between you and another.. the best route to take in my opinion is to leave it out of these social media. You might think you are doing something brave or trying to prove a point . In reality you are doing yourself a disservice. It kind of resembles your lack of focus in a way . You could be providing valuable content to increase the awareness of your brand but you rather spend the time to downplay or insult another person place or thing negatively. Complete waste of time yall. If you feel you must get something off your chest there are many other productive ways to do this .

So here are some ways we can vent without posting our frustrations online.


It has been researched and proven that taking a walk is therapeautic to the human being. It helps clear your head and allows you to silently listen to that higher wisdom that lives in all of us. So yes, simply taking a breath and going outside your house and walk for half hour maybe can reduce your stress levels and help you make better decisions when tempted to act on impulse and desperation.

2.WORKOUT If you have some weights at home or even just a jump rope, exercise is beneficial when it comes to getting rid of frustration or anger. Just take whatever negative feelings you are experiencing at the moment and transform them to strength and motivation as you work out your body. This will save you from posting some dumb petty shit on the internet.


If you are an artist that creates music, why not use whatever you are feeling at the moment about your so called rival or enemy and make a damn song about it. Express it in rhymes and you will find in time, whatever was bothering you is now out of sight and out of mind. Use that same energy you put into sublimnal shots on a dope track, thank me later!


Cleaning up can relieve stress and helps you focus at the task at hand. Also when you clear the clutter out of your environment, You'll find it also clear's up clutter in your head. So pick up that broom and clean your room , or risk being doomed by posting some ignorant rant online and look like a bafoon.

So there you have it!

If you ever are feeling that urge to use your social media tools to express your anger, negativity, insecurites , try the alternatives I just mentioned above and you will not have to regret that video or status post of you crying your ass off because you felt someone did you wrong.

Till next time my peoples, Bless!


Twitter: @oskeptical1

IG: @therealoskep

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