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"The Lazarus" Underground Cypher

Miami underground Hip Hop has recently re-emerged and I'm proud to say that my peoples Underground Cypher are at the cusp of whats about to manifest in this city of pistols and palm trees. This group consist of members Manawar, Raw J, All Mighty Chillski, and Dj Dela. I went to high school with most of them and I'll tell you that they have been rockin the mic since then and still got that fuego you need in your Hip Hop arsenal . With the new release titled "The Lazarus" you are bound to get acquainted. Most think that all we play down here in Miami is booty music and club songs..Nah family, we have some BAR monsters out here along with true Dj's and producers who keep that gritty , hardcore in your face type production in full force.

Call it Old school,Boom Bap, true rap...whatever you want but just know that these brothers are spitting with a vengeance. You can sense the passion and determination in each one of them. I was honored to be in one of their videos not too long ago and looking forward to working on more projects with them in the near future. Stay tuned for that. Check out their website and make sure to purchase the new album "The Lazarus".

Check out the video below for one of their tracks on The Lazarus album titled Vanity.

Also stay tuned for an upcoming mixtape coming from them real soon which will be featuring yours truly. We will definitely keep you all posted on its release.

Till next time my peoples, Bless!




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