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Getting in da Zone!

What's good Family, its been a while and we thought it would be about that time to do a come back. This said decided to make this blog post the other day when Phat B and myself were discussing the subject of freestyling off the dome. We were talking about that particular zone where you seem to be flowing flawlessly and when that feeling spikes up in your bloodstream. Yeah I'm talking about that moment when you begin to see the faces of your listeners change to enthusiasm and smiles and head bops as they too go into a trance cause your the cypher cathes fire. In my previous days we used to gather around at a gas station drinking Old English and carrying a radio with cd player and tape aka boombox aka Ghetto blastaz. We would play instrumentals and go ham on them beats and rock the bell all night. The vibe is important when you trying to freestyle in my opinion. So lets talk about this vibe a little further.


Like I stated earlier them OE's and them blunts influenced the vibe a lot but you don't really have to resort to any drugs to enjoy this art of freestyle. The vibe is another word for feeling right? So within you the feelings that reside can affect your freestyle. If you on some angry shit, then you can come off with a dark rough feeling and spit angry bars! Same thing if you have that feeling of joy and having fun, you will come across on that level. So think about what vibe your trying to express.

The beats you play can also influence your delivery. So don't forget that either. For example if you hear that MOBB DEEP instro you might switch to that dark gritty mobb deep style just because you are familiar with the actual song.


One important factor we brought up was the fact that there is a method of blocking your brain's analytical function. It has been researched and yes you heard that right, researchers have come to the conclusion that freestyling is more effective when that part of your brain is dormant or shut down. What!? You thought Hip Hop is not being is not a science and cannot be studied closely?.. Think again my friend! So anyways, just spitting bars without editing them in your mind will have you come off dope each time. The trick is in how to get that part to be shut off. Phat B was telling me that for him, its all about just throwing the words in the mix without thinking to much even if it dosent always rhyme to perfection. Just try to get the syllables hitting on time to keep a good flow and even if you stumble keep it moving because people will forget that you messed up in the end if you do a good come back.


I know all the freestyle heads have got into the zone at least once in their life. The question is how can we get there again to make this art enjoyable again. We can start off by blocking any judgement thoughts that pop up. You know thoughts such as "are they feeling it?" damn I fucked up that line!", etc.. Start by spitting about your surroundings. Pick an object .. Talk about what it is by describing it.. Don't focus on rhyming just flow. Then switch it up and talk about how you feel about that object.. Then finally rap about what you want to do with that object.. What limits you can stretch the object and feel free to exaggerate here.

And finally, always remember that freestyling one and only one thing in the end... ITS ABOUT HAVING FUN.

Till next time my peoples, Bless!


Twitter: @oskeptical1

IG: @therealoskep


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