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Noah Jones - Heart Of A Lion, Blood Of A King (Album Review)

Today Im going to talk to you about a New Exclusive Project, called HEART OF A LION, BLOOD OF A KING, that Ive been given the opportunity to listen to and review before it hits the streets. This project was brought to life by fellow Artist, who Ive had the chance to work with on his World Famous Guiness record project, the song "TRENDING" which was a challenge of "200 collabs in 200 days" which gave him the Title #Mr200.


So before we start let me just give a quick resume on Noah Jones, so we can get to know the guy. Born and raised in Peekskill, New York, Noah Jones moved to St. Louis in 1994 and finally, to California in 1999 where he currently resides and ever since has been rocking the mic from the Westcoast, bringing us classic projects such has "The Expandables", "The Famine" and "The Inception", all albums that I personally have purchased and that feature some of the Big names, he as worked with during his career, listed below such as: JADAKISS JOELL ORTIZ TOKEN FRENCH MONTANA CASHIS RAS KASS KNOCTURNAL CROOKED I (SLAUGHTERHOUSE SHADY RECORDS) JAY ROCK (BLACK HIPPIE T.D.E.) NIPSEY HUSSLE Etc.


Now that we went through a brief overvue of Noah's history, lets talk about his New Album. This Project HEART OF A LION, BLOOD OF A KING is a 13 song LP of pure 100% true school Hiphop music with songs brought to you as a panorama of differents aspects of his life, going from the songs like "Music 101" which talks about the traps and pitfalls within the music industry, to "She's The One Part 1 Ft. Summer" which is a love song for his wife, to "Its the same" a track that talks about the hardships that life brings at times, and "Broken man" which talks about the injustices some men must face when battling for custody of their children.


All in all, with this album you have it all. A complete package complemented with production from a roaster of 3 top notch producers such as Kerry Porter (8 songs), Scrilla Scratch (3 songs) and DJ Easy (2 songs) which all Impressed me with their talented production skills and rich assorment of sound that stays fresh as the journey through the album progresses. Also as a producer, you know I always check to see the engineers work. So when I popped project in the sound system and I can tell Noah didnt cut corners as far as the quality of his recordings, bringing us crisp sounding vocals with Banger sounding bass flowing all together in perfect harmony.


In Conclusion, I highly recommend to anyone who is a Die Hard Hiphop to check out and purchase "HEART OF A LION, BLOOD OF A KING" at releasing on June 15 2018 and to go ahead and like him on facebook and follow him on twitter to stay up to date with his upcoming moves because this man is highly motivated and knows how to cater to his crowd and will serve you with only the best music in the Industry because this is what he was born to do!

Until next time Family

Phat B LeProducer

Twitter & Instagram: @phatbleproducer


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