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PSA: The Return of Our Weekly Top 10

Here at Imperial Radio Network, we're proud to announce the return of our weekly Top 10-- where you, the fan, can vote your favorite song(s) and/or artist(s) to the top of our weekly Hip-Hop charts!

Here's how it works.

Submit your music to our weekly Top 10 and allow up to 24 hour for review. If your music meets the requirements listed below, your submission will be added to our polls upon reset.

Effective May 31st, our polls will reset every Friday at 7pm/ET. and the results will be aired live every Friday and Sunday at 8pm/ET.


  • All submissions MUST be MP3 format.

  • All submissions MUST be properly identified (artist name, song title).

  • All submissions MUST be radio-ready (mastered).

  • Submittee MUST own, or have permission of the copyright owner(s).

If your music meets these requirements, we encourage you to submit your music today! You may submit via email, or upload your music directly to our website.

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