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What's good IUMG Fam! I'm writing this blog to give you a heads up on a fire project dropping Monday April 20th 2020. We all know so far 2020 as been very unpredictable and it hasn't been easy for many of us to stay optimistic about the situation and this is why it has never been a better time to resort to music as a doorway to escape this Global madness people have been facing lately.This is why I'm going to talk to you about a new exclusive project called "Killing Time" by Noah Jones. A dope album that I've been given the opportunity to review before it hits the streets..


Noah Jones is no rookie to this platform, "Heart of a Lion, Blood of a King" was the last project I reviewed, which was a solid body of work crafted in the flames of greatness by the hands of an experienced musical blacksmith.

So before we start let me just give a quick refresh on Noah Jones and who he is. Born and raised in Peekskill, New York, Noah Jones moved to St. Louis in 1994 and then California in 1999 where he spent many years working and building his career with many big names (listed below in this section) to finally end up in Phoenix Arizona where he currently resides, living it up under sun, recording hits for is ever growing fanbase who have given him the honor of reaching up to a million stream on Spotify.

Finally, I must also tell you about the classic projects you must purchase on his website such has "The Expandables", "The Famine" and "The Inception", all albums that I personally have purchased and that feature some of the big names he worked with during his career. Here are thoses names listed below: JADAKISS JOELL ORTIZ TOKEN FRENCH MONTANA CASHIS RAS KASS KNOCTURNAL CROOKED I (SLAUGHTERHOUSE SHADY RECORDS) JAY ROCK (BLACK HIPPIE T.D.E.) NIPSEY HUSSLE Etc.


Now that we went through a brief review of Noah's history, lets talk about his new project. "KILLING TIME" is a 14 songs LP of Soulful Hard hitting Beats sprinkled with a touch of New School flavor. Now as a Old School 90's hiphop fan I gotta say to my Old School Peers, dont be fooled by the descriptive term "New School", this project is a perfect blend of both worlds which will leave both New School and Old School camps satisfied.

Following this statement, I must say that the arsenal of songs delivered in this LP touches a wide range subjects going from talks of establishment corruption toxifying and exploiting our communities with songs like "For The Millions" to a completely different direction with songs like "CashApp" where he calls out artists trying to piggy back off of ones talent for free and one of my favorite songs off the project..."Motivation" where he talks about his entrepreneurial ambitions that has kept him far away from the 9 to 5 lifestyle. From the streets to the top he rises... Yes his drive for success is relentless, he is building a Musical Empire.


Most Beats on this projects have a soulful feel to it, which I really like and then you turn around and get some darker sampled type beats with songs like "They Wanna See Me" and more modern flows like in the song "Rules".

I would also say, I'm pretty impressed with the quality on this project, for it also has the same production quality you would find in productions such as Rick Ross Albums or other artists in that category.


There are not many collabs on this album, but the ones he chose are very good picks. You will see features like "Tru werdz" in "Hybrid Flow" and "Motor City MYNT" appearing on "Next to You". Artists who both have done a great job in complementing the songs they've contributed too.


All in all it is a very well crafted and complete body of work with a nice selection of beats dipped into impeccably mixed & Mastered songs that have been sprinkled with high quality street poetry. It is definitely a project worth taking the time to add to your playlist and if you are one of those people that like to support artists to the fullest just go to his website on April 20th 2020 and get yourself a copy of the full album or even the single songs you liked best on it.

Until next time Family

Phat B LeProducer

Twitter & Instagram: @phatbleproducer


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