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Self Promotional Tips PART 1 By Vex

INDIE's Underground Artist Support

Issue 2

Don't wait for our updates and reviews to slide into playlists via promotional services! Grab harness to your own ways of self promoting! You shouldn't rely solely on 3rd party promotions, get into the habit of putting yourself out there too! it might be a bit more time consuming, but hey, Its free! Here is a quick point form of different ways to self promote!

  • E-Mail Blasting.

Nothing beats the good old school methods better then E-mail Blasting! Here's a good pointer on how to do it! Find ways to gather e-mails of people who actually care about the genre you're selling. Don't go around getting emails of people who just don't give a crap about the product you're trying to sell. Nothing is worse then falling into the spam folder, you'll go completely unnoticed. Get emails from the audience you're trying to target that'll actually take interest in the work you're putting in! You can gather this information by putting up a newsletter and having people subscribe, you can do it through a website like the one we have here at IUMG, Hell, if you're motivated enough, you can do it whichever way you think of, given that you put you're all into it. Time is money, it might not be a pay out today, but it'll come with patience and dedication.

  • Social Media Pages

A well written Social Media page will bring you a fan base over time! But let me make myself clear, Setting up a decent page is only half the battle! Driving traffic to this new up and running page, now that's the real challenge. You have to be ready to get into the trenches and dig! Combining more then one set of tools for this process is a must! Treat your page like your sanctuary! Post everything you do artistically to this page you've created. Commitment is key in 2021 people, don't give up, especially if its you're dream and the talent is actually there. There is space for all of us to shine in todays world.

  • Make Cancel Culture Want to Cancel you

Hey, no publicity is bad publicity! 10000 angry Karens streaming your music today is 10000 more views on tomorrows update! (This point is purely for comical purposes! We all need a good laugh here and there about the stupid things we endure in this world! But all jokes aside, No publicity is bad publicity, so step outside your comfort zone, say what needs to be said regardless of who it might offend. You'll get the right audiences suited for your movement that way!)

  • COLABORITIVE Playlisting (Spotify)

This is not the most effective means of self promoting, and can be a little more time consuming, but it'll get you a few views here and there, its a hustlers ambition mindset. Everything you do creates energy, the more energy you put out, the more comes back! Take the extra 10 minutes out of your day to find new collaborative playlists to drop one or two of your songs there, you never know who might be listening trying to find an indie artists to jam to on their work break, at school, doing laundry, whatever their situation, you guys might be a good match. At the end of this blog, I will drop a few collaborative playlists you can drop your tracks to today!

  • Blog/Website/Playlist Submissions

Well how can I do that? Seriously bro? Did you just drift off there? Earth to INDIE artist, Look where you are. We offer all of the above. Subscribing to websites and blogs like ours here at IUMG is a great tool to keeping up to date with future openings for lists, featuring's, interviews, all that good stuff. Don't snooze on the clues, they're all right in front of you. I offer playlist submissions to Spotify, but that's not where it stops, here at IUMG we also offer the Top 10 for our weekly Radio Show, Hosted by Fic and Shotz. We're not the only ones doing this, there are 100s of blogging about this! Get familiar with your options!

  • Make Your Own Playlists!

I've personally found this one to be my bread and butter! Making playlists, featuring other indies and homies brings back that energy and tunes people into what you're about, what you mix with, shows you're a team player, gives people something to look forward to, How can you go wrong? I quote OSKEPTICAL on this one right here "Playlists are the new mixtapes" and isn't that the truth! Do it! I don't care if you get 1 listener or 1M just do it. Its an amazing networking tool, especially if you're doing stream teams.

This Concludes our Self promotional Tips Part 1. Bellow, as promised, you'll find a list of collaborative playlists to drop your music on today! We will always have a new list of them on every SELF PROMOTIONAL TIPS blog posting, so don't forget to tune in, its easy. There is also an email link to submit your Spotify link directly to me to get on some of my own personal playlists.

Collaborative Playlists












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