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Interlude to "INDIE's Underground Artist Support" by Vex

Welcome to the new and improved official IUMG blog "INDIE's Underground Artist Support" hosted by IUMG's Own Vex. Here is where you'll learn all those ins and outs to self promotional and 3rd Party promotional services you've probably been vigorously researching, trying to find a way to explode the media waves and get the recognition you deserve as an INDIE artist. You'll catch tips on the Dos and the Don'ts for the Indie industry, Reviews on different tools and services that will either make or break your career, what to avoid, all that important brain consuming material you should cram in there and never forget! You're in for a hell of a treat with this new segment were introducing to you only here on the real IUMG!

Once a month, We will be reviewing a new test of various services, This month we've chosen to test the services of "The Playlist Booker". You know that thing that probably pops up everywhere but you cant decide whether or not its worth it, or even legit? Yea, we've noticed it too! When we do reviews on these types of services, it'll be on a large scale, from A to Z, as to what was promised, what we were expecting, what the process was like, did the service pull through as well as they claimed they would, and most important of all, WAS IT ORGANIC! you wont want to miss these reviews, it'll settle all disputes of whether or not this is the services for you, why and why not. We wont get too much into "the Playlist Booker" on this Interlude, we want to save all that for the official review, dropping one month from today!

That's not all we do! We've also gotten into the curating business and have developed a wide variety of playlists you yourself can land on absolutely FREE! That's right, we didn't stutter there, 100% FREE! No hidden costs, no cards required, all you have to do is submit. Playlists like these await your addition! Submissions details at the bottom of the blog post! Who Knows, Maybe we can help you become the next big thing from your city! With all these crazy services we offer, Playlisting, Tips, Radio Interviewing, A spot on IUMG's Official Website, You're in the right place! One thing is definitely for sure, we might not be able to make you the next B.I.G. or Pac, but we can guide you towards the right services, tell you which ones to avoid and add you to some pretty fire playlists people will be talking about. This is the new and improved "INDIE's Underground Artist Support" The official IUMG blog! I'm your host Vex, proud member of IUMG. You just found yourselves the next big thing! Welcome to the new era.

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