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Honored to be part of the team

Peace and blessings to all readers and visitors. My name is Oskeptical and I'm happy and honored to be a part of the IUMG team . I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to express my voice on this website founded by my brothers Phat B and Fic . I came across these genuine dudes online while I was working with producer and brother Klubba Lang and I believe it was around the same time Klubba and I decided to start our group Soulsik Society .. Phat B and Fic always showed love and I always got a good vibe from them since the beginning. Klubba and I did a few interviews with them for their Radio show and we always had a blast . Talking about everything from Donald trump being the president to Music, religion , and our opinions on current events . I truly respect their work ethic and consistency. This relationship has led us to where we at now and I couldn't be more excited to anticipate whats coming next for us as a team. Much respect to Just Hits, Shotz and E.S. who I also look forward to building with. I have a good feeling about us creating together and I will give nothing but my best to this site and the movement as a whole. I currently reside in Miami Florida which is mad far from where my bros Phat B and Fic live but Hip Hop builds bridges that connects us regardless of the apparent physical distance that exists between us. We are here to build under the foundation of our common passion which is Hip Hop music and culture . As an emcee / hip hop song writer I believe this platform will help extend my voice to a broader audience and hopefully connect with more like minded individuals . Stay tuned for more blog posts from me and feel free to reach out anytime...much success ,peace and love to all.


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