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Perfect Your Main Hustle

A lot of people get this mixed up. Yes you make music, yes you enjoy it, and you’re probably pretty good at it too, given that you make music out of the love for the game and the passion drives you to put your best foot forward. What people forget is that making and perfecting your musical craft costs money. Odds are if you’ve just started, or are just on your way to producing your first few projects (singles/ep's/albums) then you’re not generating crazy profit from your music yet, much less covering all the expenses it takes to perfect your music. Yeah you can do it yourself, sure you can. But how much did that mic package cost you? What about your program, your mixing plug-ins, the mixer itself? Maybe a class to learn how to DIY mix & mastering? That cost money! $$$ You might not have if you don’t get your main hustle on! No one is saying you aren’t going to make it in music, but the odds are stacked against us as indie artists. Phat B perfected his mixing, and does that aside from making music. Even though he’s perfected his mixing craft, even THAT is considered a side hustle for him. Phat B has a 9-5 just like every aspiring talented artists devoted to making a name for themselves in the business, the industry of music.

I myself have a main hustle, I run a self made moving company in the Montreal region. It’s hard work, but it pays the bills, allows me to live a somewhat-luxurious lifestyle, feeds my kids and covers all my music expenses. Eventually I started my small time label thanks to Phat B’s help, learning from one of the most talented engineering producers I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. The hustle doesn’t stop at just making music, and it sure as hell shouldn’t start there either. And it’s 2021 guys, we’ve got enough “trappers” around, so if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself: "well I sell drugs so I’m covered", then you’re missing the point. Establish yourself legally in the business world, you’ll need those skills for your future as an artist. Shade won’t help you in the limelight. Here’s a goal you can set for yourself, Strive to do better. Pick up your shorts and take the next step. Grow a client data base, they might end up being clients and fans of your music! nothing is impossible, put your mind right and get it done. It’s not only the music you make that makes you an important figure, it’s how you carry yourself, what you did to get to this point. A hustler is a hustler, and you can’t stop one's grind. You wanna play with the big dogs? Don’t just bark, bite with them too. Be the Boss you are meant to be! The world is waiting for your success, don’t sleep on them, do it right. A rich man needs more then one income, so set it up while you still got the time.

This will conclude our third issue of “Underground INDIE Artist Support”. I hope you guys get the message I’m flexing off, and I hope you guys gain something from it, putting it into effect. We just wanna see artists like you succeed here at IUMG! If you have any questions or comments, hit me up directly at, you can submit your music to our playlists, give feedback on what you think of our blog, advice on what we should do next, all that good stuff! I am Vex, your host of the segment. Tune in regularly for new scoops, new blogs, and keep an eye on the website for new updates! Become a member, sign up for free on the main page It’s easy! Also, don’t forget to tune into The Roundtable Show, info on the site as well! Keep us up to date with your releases! As always, take it easy, stay safe, and keep balling!



owner of SV Records

Owner of ZML

Artist, engineer, business man

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