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"The Playlist Booker"

Promotional Service to avoid.

Im not even going to waste anyones time in waiting for this campaign to end to state my two cents. Let’s run over the basics of this service real quick. Now I’m speaking from my personal experience with this company, choosing the most basic package they offer. Their packages range from $49 to much much more, and they don’t specify in what currency they are charging in, but just so you know, it’s in USD. Their communication with us was steady but blotchy. They couldn't tell us if the song would stay on the playlist after the campaign or not, they couldn’t even confirm it would stay on for the length of the campaign. Quite frankly, they weren’t all that helpful. However, it took them just under 24 hours to deliver the song to a playlist! Oh look, they got one thing right.

They make promises for what to expect from your campaign, right away when there’s a promise, it’s a problem. When companies are able to promise you a number (without explanation of how they attain it, charging very little) it’s because they have a few bots making sure you get close to the marker. You might have a few organic streams, but even so, there are fake streams in it. Now I can’t exactly say that the streams from the playlist I was placed on are all fake, but there are some pointers to catch that there’s something wrong here. Let’s start with the playlist itself. The package I’ve chosen which is $49 ($59.12 CAD) promises anywhere between 10-30k monthly active listeners. So theoretically speaking, let’s just say that we take our expectations to their lowest number promised and lower it to expecting that 10000 people listen to your song once in the 27 day campaign, which doesn’t qualify as active listeners FYI, then you’re expecting a total of 10000 plays/streams for your campaign. Let’s look at that number for a second. 10k streams in 27 days averages out to approximately 370 streams a day. Keep in mind, this is below the bare minimum promised. In other words, we’re trying to give this company the benefit of the doubt.

Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can give a major company like this ”the benefit of the doubt”. The Playlist Booker sold themselves way higher then they were. Either they don’t vett their playlists (Which will probably be their excuse, still a poor one) or they are just straight up lying to you. Promises of the high probability of landing on discover weekly, making profit from their service, and the high amount of monthly listeners, it’s a whole lot of empty wording to get you hooked, and to drain you of money. Good thing we didn’t chose a higher priced package.

Let’s go over the song selection real quick. The song we chose to use for the campaign was “Twisted” by Vex. This song is a multi genre song with lyrics that can reach many audiences with a style flexible to different ears. It’s got a new school Drake style hip hop vibe that can fit well with an R&B playlist, a hip hop playlist, even a club house playlist. The reason why we chose this song was because it isn’t hard to put with main stream songs, as Phat B perfected it with his talented engineering skills. In other words, They’d have no excuse to not be able to deliver on the song. If you want to see for yourself, here’s the Spotify link for the song :

Now that we’ve covered a lot of the aspects, the song of choice, the promised expectations, the run around of the service, etc... let’s get into the delivery. We are only 2 weeks into the campaign, and it has been very disappointing. Let us make one thing clear, we are not Karens people, we are professional, intelligent artists. We know how to market and create music and all that good stuff, we know BS when we see it, and we want to help out other indie artists, as well as ourselves. This is for you guys as much as for us.

The playlist that our song of choice fell on is called “Rap Flicks” which has a little over 39k likes. Here’s the official link to the playlist :

Now that might not seem well off and all, but there’s some concerns we have with this playlist. For one, we’ve received less then 1200 streams in the two weeks, which is 76% lower then the bare minimum we were suppose to get, and then there’s also a question of this :

How do you get just shy of 40000 likes and follows on Your only playlist, yet only 3 people follow your Publishing account??? You should be the talk of the town if you’re that well known. Something is fishy about the whole deal. They fall so far short on their promise, the playlists seem off, a long shot from ”discover weekly” nothing adds up. It’s one thing to only capitalize on one promise, or fall short of one, but to belly flop this hard, this isn’t promotional, it’s robbery. We urge you to boycott this promotional service, don’t waste your money. 49$ usd for the service, and you only get 8$ back at the end of the campaign for the 2000 streams you’re getting when you’re promised loads more. I might not be Albert Einstein, But I do know how to count. You spent enough on perfecting your craft, don’t let these people scam you. We will find good quality promotional companies together, don’t you worry. We’re here to help!

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