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My experience at Art Basel week Miami 2017

I can truly say I have been blessed to witness some of the greats of Hip Hop perform live on stage. The feeling is one that can hardly be described with words. When you witness your favorite MC touch that mic and spit your favorite song, its like time freezes and you're fully in the moment.

I have been blessed to see Biggie Smalls aka Big Poppa aka Biggie aka Frank White whatever name you refer him by , perform live on stage and NEVER will I forget this experience. His stage presence and how everyone went bananas soon as his voice thundered through that Mic. Along side him perfroming that day was Bone Thugs and Harmony and man!!! that was a really dope experience! This past weekend I was able to check out the almighty Wu Tang Clan perform! Let me tell you, these guys always bring the Rockus. I was lucky enough to be in front and close to the stage this time. All clan members were there with ,of course, the exception of The Ol Dirty Bastard (RIP Fam...FoReal). Im sure he was there in spirit though. They really put on a show, for example, Method Man, One of the wildest and most entertaining members of the group jumped and dived in the crowd riding a wave of fans and this shit looked like fun. Not the 1st time I see him do that live but its always crazy when he does it. Then you got Cappadonna who came with the ill bars and looked like he warped right from the 90's! Dude always got that fresh gear on.. word up! All in all it was a great show and it was epic seeing all the clan members represent and do they thing!

The following day I had the pleasure of attending the Lo lIfe Love and Loyalty event hosted by underground legend Thirsting Howl the III and It was a great vibe. I enjoyed seeing the roster of MC's who performed that day. In attendance was the brother Hakim Green the one and only. Now, If you don't know who this is, he is an Mc of the group called Channel Live. He had a hit song with Krs One titled Spark Mad Izm Back in the days. This Guy ripped the stage with Hard hitting wisdom filled bars.

I was able to get some footage of the moment. One of the highlights of the night was watching my dude Chico V, an artist from here in Miami, rip the stage with his younger nephew Siahman. I loved what that moment represented. An OG like Chico bringing his young nephew to rock the mic with him was epic to me. It symbolized Love and Loyalty which was the theme of the event was about anyway. I myself was not scheduled to perform on anyof the shows but I did bring a copy of my cd that contained a performance mix for my song "Change gon Come" just in case I had an opportunity to get on stage came up. While I was checking out the performances for the night, the brother Hakim Green came near me and I decided to salute him and give him a pound of respect. After all, I loved what he did when he was with Channel Live. He is a humble dude and showed love back. Out of nowhere he asked me if I rock the mic.. I was a bit shocked and did not expect him to ask me this. I swiftly said: "yes I do!!!". He steered me to the direction of the host that night and said I just need to talk to the host and let him know you want to rock. I asked my wife to give me the cd real quick and headed towards the Dj Booth where the host was standing. I briefly told the host I wanted to get on stage and he was real humble as well and said cool. He asked for my stage name and I quickly replied Oskeptical while he was browsing a list he had in his hands. I had to tell him I wasnt on the list but that my dude Chico V was as he was scheduled to perform that night as I mentioned previously. He said: " Cool, just hand the Dj your music and we get you on." My nerves were on 100 by that time. I approached the Dj which is a dude I quickly realized is a co-worke, which I thought was I greeted him and handed him the CD and He looked at the CD and unfortunatley advised me that he could not play CD's... and asked me if I had a flashdrive. I had left the flashdrive at home like an asshole LOL!.. I basically lost a great opportunity to perform in front of a dope crowd and MC's I have respect for due to not being 100 percent prepared. I was a bit upset but then took it in as a lesson learned. So to all you artist and MC's , always bring a CD and a flashdrive, shit even a cassette tape just in case a chance to perform happens to come about at any event. So there it is . Overall it was a Hip Hop ass weekend for me! I truly enjoyed it and look forward to next year's Art Basel Festival.

Check the footage i got from the festival here below:

Till next time my peoples, Bless!


Twitter: @oskeptical1

IG: @therealoskep

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